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What is Make an Offer / Buy, and how does it work?

What is Make an Offer / Buy, and how does it work?


Hazel S. Editör

7 months ago

ByNoGame's new and amazing system has finally met with you all. So, what is this system, and how is it used? 🧐

Buyers can now "Make an Offer" on listings.

NO EMPTY Offers!

For a buyer to be able to make an offer, they need to have the bid amount available in their account balance.

No room for lowballing or absurd offers!

The lowest offer that can be made is 50% below the minimum product price.

For a product priced at 100 Turkish Lira, the lowest possible offer would be 50 TL.

Buyers can then incrementally increase their offers each time.

How to make an offer?

1)Press the 'Make Offer/Buy Now' button beneath the advertisement you like.
2) In the first blank, enter the amount you are offering, and in the second blank, if it is a Steam advert, enter your trade URL. If it is a Knight Online advert, enter your nickname.

If your information is saved, you can use the 'select or add' button. If you want to add new information, use the 'Add' button.

Let's also show the way to the one asking, 'Where can I find my trade URL?' here. :) 


3) After entering the necessary information, you should carefully read and confirm the following warning: "Once you submit, your offer will be sent. Are you sure you want to proceed?" Then, click the "Verify Transfer" button to send your offer. 🚀


Congratulations! Your offer has been successfully saved. 🥳   
Where can you see this offer?

4)You can access all offers through 'My Account' > 'My Offers'.


5)You can access your latest offers through 'Recent Offers' and use the 'Show Filters' button to specify details such as date, advert, and more.
When the 'Remaining time for offer,' namely 60 minutes, elapses, the offer amount will automatically return to your account.


6)If you want to reclaim your balance before the 60-minute period ends, simply use the 'Cancel' button.
7)If the seller accepts your offer, it will appear as follows, and you will have automatically purchased the advert.

8)You can view your purchases through 'My Account' > 'My Orders'.

You need to have the amount equal to the offer in your account to be able to 'Make an Offer'.

When you 'Make an Offer', the amount of your offer will be temporarily reserved for 60 minutes.

The duration of offers is 60 minutes.

You can CANCEL the offer before this time elapses, and the blocked amount for the offer will be refunded to your account.

The moment the SELLER accepts, the OFFER instantly converts into an order

The moment an advertisement turns into an order, any pending offers are automatically canceled. Similarly, if the advertisement is removed, the system cancels pending offers.

For each offer, the seller can make a COUNTER OFFER only once, and if they wish, they can cancel their Counter Offer without waiting for the buyer's response.

Counter offers also have a duration of 60 minutes, and offers that don't get a response or aren't accepted are canceled by the system after 1 hour.

If the seller makes a COUNTER OFFER and the buyer accepts:

Example: Offer is $50, Counter Offer is $55
If the difference in offer amounts (+$5) is available in the buyer's balance, the purchase is automatically completed.

An Offer is made, the seller accepts the offer, and the offer is automatically converted into an Order. If the delivery is canceled during this process, the balance is refunded.


We wish you pleasant shopping!

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