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Wire transfer/eft, fast i want to send.

Wire transfer/eft, fast i want to send.


Hazel S. Editör

1 years ago

You can follow the steps below to pay by wire transfer, EFT or Fast. :)

  1. Click on the "Pay via Wire Transfer, EFT, or FAST" option.

  1. Click on the bank account to which you want to send your balance. Send the payment to the IBAN/Account Number that you see on the screen.


You can make a transfer via Wire Transfer, EFT, or FAST to our designated bank account through Mobile/Internet Banking or ATM, whichever is most convenient for you.

To ensure that your payment is automatically processed into your account without the need for notification, please include your membership email address or, if verified, your TC Number in the payment description.

For Wire Transfer/EFT payments made without including the specified information in the payment description, we are unable to transfer the funds to your Wallet without a payment notification.

After selecting the bank you made the payment from, click on the "I've Made the Payment, I Want to Notify" button and fill out the form.


Your payment notification has been received. We will check and confirm very shortly. :)


We wish you pleasant shopping!

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