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Why can't I receive/assign trades?

Why can't I receive/assign trades?


Hazel S. Editör

1 years ago

There are 3 requirements for Trade:


1. You must be level 35.

2. You must top up at least 5 cash.

3. You must install the OTP program.

4. You must have a premium.

5. You must enable Trade. (H - Trade - Allow Trade Request)

Knight Online Trade Activation and SMS Verification


Log in to the NTTGAME website.

Go to My Account and click on Game Services and Sms Verification.

Enter your phone number and select Send Verification Code.

After receiving the code on your mobile phone, enter it in the box and check Verify.

I'm also providing the necessary steps for OTP installation here. :)


We wish you a pleasant shopping!

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