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What you need to know about the bbl uniform.

What you need to know about the bbl uniform.


Hazel S. Editör

1 years ago

To purchase a BBL Jersey quickly, you can load balance to your account. When making a purchase, make sure to enter your address and full name accurately.

Size Chart:

S Size - Width: 54 cm, Length: 71 cm

M Size - Width: 56 cm, Length: 72 cm

L Size - Width: 58 cm, Length: 72 cm

XL Size - Width: 60 cm, Length: 73 cm

2XL Size - Width: 62 cm, Length: 73 cm

Product Features:

*Made with innovative DRY Touch fabric technology.
*Tests have shown that DRY Touch fabric absorbs 2.7 times more moisture compared to cotton.
*Soft and stretchy.
*Offers enhanced coverage.
*Provides a natural appearance compared to synthetic fabrics.
*Allows colors to appear natural due to its wide surface area.
*Resistant to wrinkles and easy to iron.

Returns and Exchanges:

*The product can only be returned or exchanged if it has been briefly tried on for fitting purposes.
*The returned product will be reviewed within 7 business days.
*Returns or exchanges will not be accepted if there is any body odor, perfume, or any damage.
*The shipping cost for returns or exchanges is the responsibility of the buyer.
*When an exchange is made, the newly sent packages will be sent with cash-on-delivery.
*Please note that this information is specific to the provided description of the BBL Jersey, and it's always recommended to refer to the seller's official website or contact their customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding purchasing, returns, and exchanges.

We wish you pleasant shopping!

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