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What is the purpose of ByNoGame market sales charts?

What is the purpose of ByNoGame market sales charts?


Hazel S. Editör

1 years ago

We have supported the sales screens with a few details and graphs to give you an idea of the real prices of skins.

On the Steam Market, a skin can be listed well below or above its actual value.
Therefore, when determining the discount rates, we rely on the average of sales, which is the Steamanalyst Reference, rather than Steam Market listings.
This helps prevent issues such as skins being sold below their value or sellers listing items at high prices and waiting for a long time for the listing to be sold.
On the ByNoGame Market, we share information about how many units of a skin were sold and at what average price within the past two months.
We also display a graph showing the increasing and decreasing prices of the last 10 sales.

By clicking on the "View on Steam" button, you can see the sales graph and listings of the skin on the Steam Market.

You can also view the total number of listings and the best listing price for other wear levels of the skin.

To list the listings based on seller suitability, you can use the filters "All", "Fast Delivery Only" and "Seller Online Only".

"Search with Tag" lists skins with the desired stickers.

We compile and present skins that may be of interest to you.

We have thought of everything to make it easier for you to find the skin you are looking for. :)
You can see the seller's listings for the same item displayed one after another by selecting "Seller Info" filter.
You can sort the listings based on the wear level of the skins with "Float" filter.
You can make the most profitable purchases using the "Discount" filter.
You can view listings that match your budget with the "Price" filter.

We wish you pleasant shopping!

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