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What is the delivery time for the seller?

What is the delivery time for the seller?


Hazel S. Editör

1 years ago

The delivery time required for sellers to deliver their sold products is called the Seller Delivery Time. Sellers have to deliver their orders within 60 minutes during the Delivery Timeframe, and within 30 minutes for in-game currency orders. If the delivery time is exceeded for orders, the buyer has the right to cancel the order, and if the order is canceled for this reason, the seller's store will receive a Negative Rating. Delivery Timeframe: It specifies the time intervals during which sellers can deliver their products. "When sellers create their stores, they enter the time intervals during which they can deliver their products. These delivery hours vary from person to person and depend on their lifestyles; we have sellers who are students, teachers, workers, stay-at-home parents, and even long-haul truck drivers. We respect their lifestyles, so we leave the delivery timeframes entirely up to them, and that's how we become ByNoGame."

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