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What is Param virtual card? How can I get it?

What is Param virtual card? How can I get it?


Hazel S. Editör

1 years ago

Param Kart is a prepaid physical card. There are no monthly/annual usage fees. 🥳

You can deposit and withdraw money from all ATMs. You can purchase it by paying only a 39.90 TL shipping fee.

The Param ByNoGame Card with Troy features is valid at all bank POS machines, ATMs, and on all e-commerce websites that have virtual POS from banks in Turkey.

With your card, you can withdraw and deposit money from all ATMs.

A commission of 1.14% + 1 TL is charged for transactions at bank ATMs. Transactions at PTT ATMs are free of charge.

You can review all your account activities by downloading the Param Mobile application.

Click here to purchase PARAM ByNoGame Card for only 39.90 TL shipping fee.

 We wish you a pleasant shopping!

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