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how can I apply for getting donates?

how can I apply for getting donates?



1 years ago

Apply now to create a ByNoGame Donate account and receive donates without any requirements for followers and views! 👊🏻 ❤️

1- Write the web address of your channel. (Example:
2- Write your channel name or nickname as the Page Title. (Example: Ferit "wtcN" Karakaya)
3- Create an extension for the support address by including your nickname. (Example:
4- Enter the minimum donate amount required for messages to be visible during the stream.
5- Choose your Notification System preference.

6- Log in with the platform you are streaming on (Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook) to link your account and complete the next steps.

The system will perform automatic checks (approximately 2-3 minutes). In the meantime, feel free to play and listen to a classic song. :)
Afterward, your ByNoGame Support Link will be ready!

🔔 You can follow through notifications.

 We wish you a great Stream!

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