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How can I add a document via Idenfy?

How can I add a document via Idenfy?


Hazel S. Edit繹r

6 months ago

Each payment undergoes a security check and is evaluated internally. When deemed necessary, the operator may request documents from you.

To upload the requested documents, you will be asked to do so through Idenfy for your security. We would like to remind you that, in accordance with our Privacy Agreement, all your information is not shared with third parties; you can click here to review the Privacy Agreement.

We have prepared a guide for you to see the upload steps. Here are the steps:

1) For ease of process, you will continue with the steps on your phone; scan the QR code on the screen with your phone and go to the link.

2)Click on the 'Search for document country' on the opened screen, select your country to proceed.
3) If you wish to continue in another language, you can see language options from the globe icon in the top right corner.

After selecting your country, press 'Continue' to proceed.

4) To complete the process, you will have a total of 30 minutes; you can see the remaining time in the top left corner. Proceed by selecting the document you want to continue with: ID card, passport, residence permit, or driver's license.
5) When taking a photo of your document, pay attention to the following points: 
• Ensure that all details on your document are not blurry,
• Provide good lighting to avoid covering your information,
• Avoid using flash as it may make the information difficult to read,
• Make sure your fingers do not cover the information and that the document fits within the frame.
If you understand the points, press 'Continue' to proceed.
6)After fitting your document clearly and completely within the frame, press the circle to take a photo and proceed.
7)Double-check your photo, if it is not clear, you can retake it by pressing the 'retake' button. If your photo meets all the requirements, proceed by pressing the 'continue' button.
8)You should repeat the last two steps for the back side of your ID as well; proceed by pressing 'Continue'.
9)After successfully saving your ID images, the final step is to take a selfie; Make sure your lighting is clear and your face is within the white circle during the shot. Avoid using glasses, hats, or accessories that may cover your face.
10)Do not leave this screen until 'Human supervision confirmation' is approved. Once approved, you will be automatically redirected back to ByNoGame.
Congratulations, you have completed all the steps. 戊
You can now continue with your shopping right where you left off.

We wish you pleasant shopping!

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