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Can I pay by credit card?



1 years ago

You can make payments using Credit Card, İninal, Pokus, Tosla, Salary, and Debit Cards.

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  1. Click on the "Pay with Credit Card, İninal, Pokus, Tosla, Salary, and Debit Card" option.

2. Proceed by selecting the payment option you wish to use.

  1. Enter your card information, if you want to make installment payments, click on the field that says "Single Payment" and view the installment options up to 12 months, make your selection, then click "COMPLETE PAYMENT".

*To avoid the hassle of entering your card information every time, you can save your card by selecting "."

On the next screen, you can securely complete your payment using the 3D verification code sent by your bank.

After a brief verification, your payment will be transferred to your ByNoGame Wallet.

If you wish, after making a "Single Payment," you can contact your bank to convert your transaction into installments.

You can shop with all cards featuring the Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, AMEX, and TROY logos.

Click here to make the payment.

We wish you pleasant shopping!

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